What is GMDN?
The Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) is a system of internationally agreed descriptors used to identify medical device products. The GMDN Database lists all the terms, which are currently available to name and describe medical devices, although new terms are regularly issued to cope with new medical devices innovations. The GMDN is managed by the GMDN Agency.

How can I get a GMDN Code for my product?

Only GMDN Membership can give you access to the GMDN Codes. The GMDN Agency is a non-profit organisation and the fees for membership are reviewed each year by our Board of Trustee to minimise the costs to Users. After joining the GMDN Terms and Codes are found on our website using a simple search tool. Please go to the Membership menu on the website for more information.

Do I register my product with the GMDN Agency?

No, the GMDN Agency is not a Medical Device Regulator. We make available the generic nomenclature to improve the consistency of naming medical devices. This improves communication within the heath-sector and helps Regulators better understand information concerning medical device safety.

What if I choose the wrong GMDN Code?

If the User wishes to change the GMDN Code selected for a particular product, it is recommended that the User discusses this with their Regulator or Conformity Assessment Body.

Aemi World can help you with selecting the appropriate GMDN code without you needing to become a member of the GMDN Agency.